Children are always ready to shake the tree of knowledge - Loris Malaguzzi

Going to nursery for the first time is one of the most important experiences in a child’s life. Young children are at a tender age and we would like to make the experience as pleasurable as possible so that they feel happy and comfortable in their new environment and are eager to enjoy learning.

Official Visits

The settling in process begins with an official visit where parents/carers are shown around the centre and can see how learning takes place.

Supervised Visits

After the official visit you can then attend for six one hour sessions at an arranged time so that your child can become familiar with the nursery surroundings before they start.

Home Visits

To enable the children to settle into their new environment we arrange with parents to have a home visit.  This establishes the beginning of a positive relationship with parents.

Two members of staff visit the home.  It is an opportunity to explain the Centre aims, our provision and the importance and value we place on Early Years Education and Care and to find out about the particular needs of children.

The home visit will include an activity such as making playdough, reading a story with props or planting.  We use a digital camera to record the event so that when children begin nursery they can make a connection with the experience and recognise familiar adults.

Induction Meetings

Once your child has started nursery you will be invited to attend an induction meeting with the Head of Centre.  This is an opportunity for us to give you some important information about the Centre and for you to ask any questions you may have.

Your Child’s First Week at Nursery

Parents are asked to stay with their child for the first few days so that they can become familiar with their surroundings and routines.  Staff work closely with parents to support this transition and they will make every effort to ensure children are emotionally and physically secure.

The nursery is a new environment with many different people to get to know and new friendships to develop with other children. This takes time and for some individual children it may take a little longer than others. Please be patient and keep communicating with your child’s keyworker in order to ensure the best possible start for your child.