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Trick or treat during coronavirus

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please see the following message from Ealing Public Health.

At a time when the coronavirus rates continue to rise in London, the trick or treat Halloween tradition with many children ringing on the same doorbells and rummaging in the same bowl of sweets is an unnecessary risk to take.

It is possible to transfer the virus on sweet wrappers etc as these are very difficult to clean and the virus can remain on surfaces such as door knockers and bells for up to three days – potentially longer.

Instead of going from door to door consider one of the fun and safe alternatives such as family pumpkins hunts.

Please consider vulnerable residents who may be particularly anxious at this time and alarmed by repeated knocks on their door.

However you celebrate Halloween remember you must never be with more than 6 people outside, and only be inside with the people you live with or those in your support bubble.

We wish you all a happy and safe half term.

Public Health Ealing


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