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Walk to School Week Update

Well done to everyone who has walked to school so far this week. Staff have all been taking part in some way; Fiona, Aisha, Poonam and Kashia have walked to school; Anna comes on her bike; Raksha and Lipi have been walking from the bus stop; Ellie, Magda, Indy, Ranjeet and Kerryann have been parking on the Common and walking across the park. Tomorrow the car park will be locked and all staff will either walk or come by public transport. What have you been doing?

Today the children all received a badge or a sticker to encourage them to participate and tomorrow we will be taking a survey at the front door to see how everyone travelled to nursery. The children will also do their own surveys when they are at nursery to encourage participation and support their mark making skills.

Please support your child to take part. Walking regularly will improve their health and by leaving the car at home we are improving the quality of air that our children breathe all day!!

Have a look at some of the active travel pictures our children have been drawing.

Active Travel Posters
Download PDF • 980KB


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