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Walking with whales

This year the children turned their curious gaze towards the oceans. The largest habitat in the world and the last true wilderness, the oceans are home to an array of crea­tures, some of which, even today, are not fully catalogued by science.

The greatest leviathans of this wil­derness, the sperm whale and the blue whale, were the two species that particularly engaged the children’s interest, and in collaboration with our artists in residence Rosie Potter and Kirstie Reid –from Wimbledon College of Art – we explored these gigantic beasts with the children in what has been designated The Year of the Whale.

Their interest in these creatures had been sparked by news images of whales stranded on our beaches and along the coasts of Germany in spring this year.

Click on the link below for the full article written by artist in residence Rosie Potter and published in Nursery World.

NW Whales
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